More 2 yr old qualifiers at Trials

With big races coming up trainers are trying to get the 2 yr olds through qualifying trials. LADY LACEY was moved to trial 2 so that this became a possibility, and she did really well on Sunday improving on last week and qualified, as did COSMIC HORIZONS a Trotsynd filly. She also improved from last week where she wasn’t on the gate and today behaved very well with Ryan Warwick going to the line comfortable within herself. It was a good day overall at Byford as BROOK PARKS LAST went around in trial 1. She’s had a couple of easy weeks following her having qualified earlier in January and Sunday was a fitness run. Rich And Quick trialled also but did not come up to the mobile so he did not qualify today. In the last trial PRINCESS MAJOR who was an emergency for the Dainty’s Daughter Classic on Friday sat in the field and got home really well to win her trial – very good effort and Kat will find a race somewhere in the coming week or so. LOTS to look forward to!





Photos top left Brook Parks Last top right Cosmic Horizons
Bottom left Lady Lacey bottom right Princess Major