Pacing WA – Our Vision

Ross WaddellMy vision by Ross Waddell: ph 0417 922 352

As a proprietor of Gloucester Standardbreds Pty Ltd I could see the need to encourage more owners before I could encourage breeders to breed more foals. Simple economics.  Pacing is a family activity but often the cost of owning a horse is outside most family budgets, so owning a horse in some form of partnership enables most of the population to participate in the thrill of pacing.

So Pacing WA was “born” which I am proud of as a West Australian.  Previously I had been involved with partnership and syndications that would charge a management fee for non-performance and that caused members to quickly lose enthusiasm. I knew it needed to be a different participation. I selected 7 trainers with whom I had an association, or who had successful achievements with young horses, with the view of having 10 people in ownership of each  horse, with each paying their proportion of costs.

After being an owner for 50 years I had not experienced Group 1 glory before the efforts of Pacing WA’s class of 2015 with Red Hot Roxy and The Real Ideal delivering two Group 1 glories for me and my 18 partners, three of whom had never previously owned a horse. An overwhelming result in our first year of racing!

Moving on, I am looking forward to the class of 2016 and 2017 onwards and also the introduction of Girl Power in Pacing. I am very honoured to have an association with Skye Bond, Stephie Smith, Sarah Suvaljko and Kat Warwick creating all female ownerships in the sport of pacing.

For me where did this all start? – My passion commenced at age 13 with the horse “Walter Bruce”. I soon found myself as a stable hand at Monterey Pacing Stables owned by the Harper family with Kevin Keys, as stable foreman, whom I still share pacing ownership some 50 years on. Kevin is also one of the inaugural trainers for Pacing WA.

As life went on with marriage and 6 daughters I found my employment as a livestock auctioneer throughout WA. Maintaining an interest in racing horses although with limited success until my involvement with Justin and Carol Warwick enjoying not only many winners but also the pleasure to be involved with the complete professional package.

Ph  Ross Waddell 0417 922 352 or Rebecca Waddell 0409 484 340 Kylie Waddell 0400 177 881

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